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You’re probably thinking one of two things....either 'not another vegan thing or 'great, someone is out there who can help me! If you're in the first category, this page won't be too relevant for you so please press the Back button or return to my Homepage. If you're in the second category and you're worried about where to go on holiday as you're unsure if it will be vegan friendly, you are definitely in the right place. If you are a UK resident, please read on to see what I can offer.

I am not only a travel agent, but I have lived experience of trying to have a wonderful holiday whilst trying to avoid eating salad and chips for every meal, every day. I was a vegetarian for 6 years before gradually moving on to a vegan diet and lifestyle (for the animals, although I've recently had it confirmed that I am allergic to dairy). We travel agents do still exist and some of us are even vegan and are here to help with all of your trip-planning woes! Whether you just want to book a short budget-friendly weekend break or a luxury tailor made trip, I can help! Why Work with Me? I didn’t get into the travel industry because I thought it would be a lucrative and glamorous career; it is not a well paid job by any stretch of the imagination. However, I LOVE travel and some might even consider me to be addicted. Veganism does not require perfection but merely to reduce harm to animals wherever possible. A lot of vegans also care about equality for all living creatures as well as protecting the planet. It's a natural link to our peaceful views of the world. I realise that travel can be damaging to the environment and I encourage travellers to offset their carbon emissions through websites that plant trees to offset your travel. Our activism can be extended in to travel by encouraging businesses to be more eco-friendly and to offer more plant based options. I want to help you in your efforts to make this world a little kinder and greener.

Benefits of using a Vegan Travel Agent No matter what kind of trip you’re planning, the benefits of using a vegan travel agent are enormous (whether you’re vegan or not), here are just a few:

  • Ethical & sustainable itineraries. Travel can enlighten our perspective, and it can support local communities and businesses that are working to protect our planet. I’m always looking for sustainable and vegan friendly accommodation and tours.

  • Less stress. If you don’t love spending hours researching hotels and train routes, hand it over to a professional! I can take as much or as little of the trip planning stress off your plate.

  • I’m your advocate. From finding food options to dealing with cancellations, I’ve always got your back! Maybe one of the perks is finding a mini bar stocked with vegan goodies — you never know!

  • Cost savings. Many people worry that by using a travel agent the trip will cost more than booking it yourself, that’s not always the case! I have access to exclusive deals and promotions that the public never sees and sometimes can add perks to your trip to add value.

If you’re wondering, do I only work with vegans? The answer is no, I will assist anyone with their travel arrangements. However I love to work with like-minded individuals. I have a number of travel services available and further information can be found on my website. Fees may be charged depending on the nature of your enquiry and the complexity. One note about the fees. The fees cover the time I spend researching and planning your itinerary and offset any lost commission. Please feel free to get in touch or book a free no obligation consultation.

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